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History of Holy Site

History of Holy Site
The tradition of martial arts is deep-rooted among the people of Indonesia for a long time. As martial arts in other countries, Pencak silat which is a typical Indonesian martial art has its own characteristics which are developed to realize the identity. Similarly, the martial art Pencak Silat in Indonesia are also diverse and has the characteristics of each.
Holy Footprint as one variant of martial arts martial arts also has distinctive features that could indicate a strong identity. The characteristics were developed through a long process of historical roots in its path.
Starting from the flow of martial arts at the School Binorong Banjaran Banjarnegara in 1872, the flow is then developed into a martial arts school in Yogyakarta Kauman because the displacement of teachers (pendekarnya), namely KH. Busyro Martyrs, a result of armed resistance movement was doing so he became the target of arrests by the Dutch colonial regime. In this Kauman warriors KH. Busyro Martyrs get the students a strong and capable of inheriting his expertise in the art of Pencak Silat. Pencak silat arts college was founded in 1925 and was named College shoo roar led directly by the Supreme Swordsman and Swordsman Wahib A. Dimyati, the two students who respite from KH. Busyro Martyrs. This college has a foundation of strong religion and nationality.
Education is emphasized throughout his followers to be free from Shirk (associating partners with God) and mengab-tional colleges to fight religion and nation.

College Cikauman many warriors gave birth to young-warriors who eventually develop the branch colleges to expand the reach of a wider under the name College Seranoman in 1930. The development of the two colleges are getting more and more rapidly with the increase of students is quite a lot. The students of this college and many became members of the Armed Forces Army Sabil (APS) to fight the invaders, and many are killed in armed resistance.
The birth of a young swordsman swordsman-college education results Cikauman and Seranoman possible to establish new universities, which of them is Kasegu College in 1951. At the urging of university students Kasegu is an initiative to combine all like-minded martial arts college starts. In 1963, the pressure was getting stronger, but it gets the opposition from the clergy Kauman and the old warriors who feel terlangkahi. With an intensive approach and with the consideration that there must be physical strength possessed Muslims confront the communist forces that make provocation against Muslims, then the idea to reunite the forces scattered college into a college strength begins. All organizational device is prepared, and finally agreed to rejoin the college forces scattered into a college strength, which is founded Sacred College Tread on July 31, 1960 which is a historical continuity from previous universities.
In further developments, College Holy Site located in Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta and eventually evolved in other areas. After the outbreak of rebellion G30 S / PKI, in 1966 organized the National Conference I attended Sacred Site by the representatives of the Holy Footprint universities spread across various regions in Indonesia. At that successfully formulated a national organization strengthening, and Education Sacred Site developed more name to the Movement and the Indonesian Institute of Martial Arts College Holy Footprint Putera Muhammadiyah. And in the Assembly Tanwir Muhammadiyah madiyah 1967, the Holy Son Tread Muhammadiyah is defined to be autonomous within the Muhammadiyah organization, because the Holy Footprint Putera Muhammadiyah madiyah also be a container capable cadre of Muhammadiyah.

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ujian kenaikan tingkat tapak suci putera muhammadiyah cabang ujungpangkah gresik yang dilaksanakan di perguruan muhammadiyah ujungpangkah ini adalah salah satu bukti kesetiaan putra putri muhammadiyah dalam menjalani ujian kenaikan tingkat yang berlangsung pada bulan januari 2009 yang telah di ikuti oleh 500 siswa/siswi dan tercatat dalam sejarah tapak suci pimda 025 gresik ujian kenaikan tingkat terbanyak selama pelantikan kenaikan tingkat berlangsung di gresik